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Take a look at some of the comments from people we've helped. Bad Credit Loans are obtainable if you have a less than perfect credit history. You can get a Bad Credit Loan even if you have had missed repayments a CCJ or defaults in the past. Usually the turnaround time is quick. In some cases you can get the money within hours or the next day. Making repayments on time can help you rebuild your credit history. Interest rates can be much higher. It is not ideal to get Bad Credit Loans if you have several existing debts. Taking too many loans could get you in financial difficulty. This loan is not ideal if you are looking to borrow high amounts.
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What is a Bad Credit Loan? Bad credit loans are designed for people who are looking for a loan but have a poor credit history. While having a bad credit rating can make it much harder to find cheap loans there are still options available to you if you want to borrow money and avoid payday loans which are extremely risky and can easily push you further into debt. As with any loan you need to be well informed before making a decision however this is especially true if you need a loan but have a bad credit rating. It is also important to understand that having a poor credit history and having no credit history are different things.
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Not all lenders offer these types of loans and you will find that bad credit loans usually have a higher APR as those with a poor credit history pose a greater risk. There are licensed lenders sometimes called subprime lenders who will lend to people who are unable to get credit from a high street bank or building society. How do bad credit loans work? There are two types of loan you can take out secured or unsecured. Unsecured loans tend to be for smaller loan amounts less than 35000 and can have a higher rate of interest but your property won't be at risk if you default on payments.
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Payday loans for bad credit. If youre struggling to get a payday loan approved from a lender because you have a poor credit score there are other alternatives. Some lenders advertise payday loans for bad credit which can be useful for borrowers with a poor credit score. Lenders who provide bad credit payday loans usually charge a much higher rate of interest as people with a poor credit history are generally considered a greater credit risk. Does Wonga offer loans to people with bad credit? We always assess each application individually including running a full credit check and only lend to people we think can afford to repay on time.
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Most notably interest rates on this type of loan are often higher than other forms of lending. This is simply because lending to someone with a poor credit rating can be thought of as a higher risk by some lenders. Failing to keep up with loan repayments can also lower your credit score so could place yourself in a worse position if youre unable to manage your money. Tips on improving your credit score. As bad credit loans typically come with higher interest rates than standard loans you may want to work on improving your credit score so that you can access a wider choice of money borrowing options.
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Providers of bad credit loans. There are a number of different loan types available to you if youve got a bad or poor credit history. Below you'll find a list of bad credit loan providers. We've decided not to feature any Doorstep Logbook or Payday Lenders on this table due to their incredibly high cost. If you would like more information on those types of loans click the corresponding link. Most guarantor lenders offer loans to the unemployed. If youve got a friend or family member with a good credit history and in full-time employment who is willing to back your loan application then a guarantor loan could be a good option for you.
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What's more making an unsuccessful application could damage your credit score even further. What's a bad credit loan? A bad credit loan isn't a bad thing in its own right it's simply a loan for people with a poor credit history. Perhaps you've missed repayments missed bill payments and/or made failed applications for credit. Even if you've never borrowed in the past you might still struggle to qualify for the market-leading loans. After all the lender has nothing to show that you can be relied upon to make your repayments. To some lenders you're too much of a risk but to others you're a chance to do some business in a competitive lending market. Why choose a bad credit loan?
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When deciding whom to lend to lenders typically use an underwriting model that analyses an applicant's credit history. On the whole people with a solid credit history are more likely to be approved for a loan while people with poor credit are more likely to be declined or receive less favourable loan terms. A bad credit loan is a term used to refer to loans that are made to customers with bad credit. The first priority for any potential borrower should be improving their credit. This means evaluating your existing lines of credit making a plan to repay them on time even considering debt consolidation.
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A Guide to Borrowing with a poor credit history. Applying for credit can be something of a minefield. This guide is designed to help you easily understand how your credit rating works how it can be damaged and what to do if you need to boost your credit rating. What is a credit score? When a lender gets your application for a loan or other credit product they approach at least one of the three UK credit reference agencies Equifax Experian or Callcredit to assess your credit file.
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You might consider a poor credit loan if you have a bad credit history which is exactly what theyre designed for. Its important for anyone taking out this type of loan to ensure they can make repayments on time while working towards improving their credit score in the long term. What you need to consider. If you have an adverse credit rating heres what youll need to think about before applying for a bad credit loan. Secured vs unsecured Remember if you fail to keep up with repayments on a secured loan you risk losing your home.

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